Wood Fences Are Awesome!

Custom Wood fences are beautiful, strong, and affordable.

For many Ocala, Florida property owners, a custom wood fence is the ONLY option. Wood fences are great for privacy and protection. With proper maintenance your wood fence can last for a long time while looking great all the while.

Is a wood fence right for you? Let's find out ...

custom wood fencing in Ocala Florida

Key Benefits of Wood Fencing

Wood fences are the most versatile option - transforming your outdoor living space into a safe, private get-a-way.

Wood Fences Are


Wood fencing is beautiful and affordable. Wood blends well in every setting and is an environmentally friendly option. Wood fences are some of the most affordable fence options available to homeowners in Ocala, Florida.

Wood Fences Are


Wood fences are strong - allowing them to stand-up to high winds and harsh weather. A properly installed wood fence (like we do at Getter Done Fence Pro) can withstand winds in excess of 70 mph.

Wood Fences Are


If you are looking to add a beautiful, modern look to the exterior of your property while increasing your privacy, a wood fence is a great choice. Wood fences offer many styles and options and can be stained in a variety of colors.

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Key Features of Our Wood Fences

Our custom wood fences are the best wood fences you will find in the entire Ocala, Florida region.

Wood fence features popular with Ocala Florida homeowners

All of our custom wood fences come standard with the following key features:

  1. Posts - Our posts are installed meeting all industry standards for maximum strength. Each line post is set with a full 80lb bag of concrete - making our posts able to withstand even the harshest winds in Florida. Our gate posts are reinforced with (at least) 2 full bags of concrete each and we use 4x6 gate posts - ensuring your gates never sag.
  2. Wood Rails - Unlike many competitors, we use a middle rail (a 3rd rail) for added strength - to avoid warping and bowing commonly found in poorly installed wood fences all across the Ocala, Florida region.
  3. Wood Pickets - Our pickets use professional grade wood and are secured with professional grade fasteners. This is why our wood fences hold up so well to the Ocala Florida climate and weather.

Wood Fencing
Custom Top Finishes

The top edge of a wood fence can be customized in a variety of ways to match your style.

Straight Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Straight Top

A simple straight top cut is a popular choice with many homeowners in Ocala, FL. The clean lines look amazing especially when longer fences follow the natural contours of the land.

Convex Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Convex Top

Another popular choice for Ocala, FL wood fences is the convex top cut. Just about every style of wood fencing can be finished with the convex cut - including wood picket fences.

Concave Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Concave Top

The concave cut is another great option for wood fences in Ocala, FL. Be aware, some homeowners feel that this cut can make their fence look "shorter". This is mostly an illusion but it is something worth considering.

Cap and Wrap - Wood Fence Option

Cap and Wrap

The Cap and Wrap custom wood fence finish is one of our favorites. Nothing captures the beauty and style of our Ocala, FL area like this particular wood fence finishing option.

Examples of Our Wood Fences

Wood Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Wood Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Wood Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Wood Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Wood Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Wood Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
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Wood fences are the most popular type of fencing in the Ocala, Florida area.

Wood fences are beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting. There is nothing quite like the look of a beautifully crafted wood fence.

There are two wood fence options to choose from - Pressure treated wood or cedar.

We use a higher grade of pressure treated wood called Ground-Contact Pressure Treated wood.

Pressure-treated wood has gone through a process that uses high pressure to force a solution of water and preservative agents deep into the lumber to help extend its useful lifespan.

The active ingredients commonly used in treated wood are alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ), copper azole (CA) or micronized copper azole (MCA). These compounds react with the wood fibers to slow natural decay and have properties to resist termites, fungus, moisture and other elements that promote rot and cause structural degradation.

This preservation process enables pressure-treated fence posts, for example, to withstand years of being embedded in soil.

Because pressure treated wood absorbs a significant amount of liquid during the manufacturing process, it typically arrives at stores still wet and can take up to several weeks to completely dry out. The preservatives remain in the lumber after the water evaporates. Learn More.

The warm tone and texture of Western Red Cedar elevates your surroundings. Colors ranging from rich amber to cinnamon brown add distinction to your home and property.

Season after season, cedar stands up to the elements. Naturally resistant to insects and decay, a cedar fence can last 15-20 years when properly maintained.

All our Western Red Cedar is sustainably sourced from North American forests and milled in the USA. It is naturally free of chemicals and preservatives.

Yes. Read more about our cedar fence warranty.

Our posts are set 28 - 30 inches deep, and we use 2 to 3 80 lbs. of concrete per post.

For wood fences 6 foot tall (or less), you won't need a building permit in Ocala, Florida. If your fence design needs a building permit, we will handle everything - at no extra charge.

Wood Fence FAQs

Let's dig into the facts on wood fences.

wood fence faqs

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