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Aluminum Fencing

A maintenance-free aluminum fence built with exceptional engineering provides the ultimate worry-free experience.

Aluminum fencing offers an incredible range of benefits that cannot be matched by any other type of fencing. Aside from adding an elegant finish to your property, they are also maintenance free and come with an impressive warranty on both the fence itself and on the workmanship. Featuring an outstanding selection of maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum fence, matching gates, arbors, guardrail and handrail by Aluminum Fence Supply.

Explore our aluminum fencing options to see if aluminum fencing is right for your Ocala, Florida property.

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Examples of Our Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Aluminum Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
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Aluminum fences are a great choice for Florida, Florida homes and businesses. Many people love the elegant look of black aluminum fencing to enhance the look of their property.

Aluminum fences won't fade or rust or rot and they require little to no maintenance, you can spray them with a hose to remove loose dirt and debris.

Alumi-Guard brand aluminum fences use a powder coating finishing process. Since powder coating does not use solvents or chemicals like liquid paints, the process releases less pollutants into the air and leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

Yes, a lifetime warranty can be reviewed here . Keep in mind that warranties are only as good as the company. Alumi-Guard is backed by a stable long-term organization with an excellent customer service track record.

Spray your aluminum fencing regularly with water using your garden hose. This helps to eradicate fertilizer chemicals, dirt, and grass clippings thus, keeping it looking as good as new. In coastal areas, frequent spraying of your aluminum fence panels with water is advised to reduce the buildup of dirt and salt.

  • Most basic stains can be cleaned using a simple degreaser, such as simple green, and should be rinsed after applying.

  • For hard water stains, CLR can be used and should be rinsed after applying.

However, adequate care should be taken when using cleaning products for your aluminum fence as some abrasive agents, household cleaners, steel wool or cleaners with solvents contain harsh chemicals we don't recommend, which could cause discoloration and damage to your fence.

Pricing on all fencing products can fluctuate, but generally speaking, the up-front cost of aluminum fencing is often higher than other types of fencing. However, because aluminum fencing doesn't rust, or rot, or splinter, and it never needs to be painted or refinished, therefore, the total cost of ownership can turn out to be lower over the full life of the fence.

The Ocala, Florida climate is a major factor when determining the total cost. Wood fencing (for example) will usually be less expensive than aluminum fencing but will require continuous upkeep which will add time and money to the total cost of your fence.

In addition, many in Ocala, Florida claim that aluminum fencing has a positive impact on the price of their home if and when they may sell it down the road.

Getter Done Pros Fence faqs

Everything Alumi-Guard produces, including all panels, posts, and gates, are made right here in the USA. Know that when you choose an Alumi-Guard product, you're also choosing an American company that manufactures high-quality, American made products.

Our posts are set 28 - 30 inches deep, and we use 2 to 3 80 lbs. of concrete per post.

For aluminum fences 6 foot tall (or less), you won't need a building permit in Ocala, Florida. If your fence design needs a building permit, we will handle everything - at no extra charge.

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