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Vinyl Fencing

Exceptional warranty, maintenance-free care, and the ultimate privacy for your Ocala, Florida home or business

Vinyl fencing is rapidly growing in popularity around the Ocala, Florida area as property owners are experiencing the awesome benefits of vinyl fencing. Many homeowners are surprised just how well vinyl fencing stacks up to other types of fencing in our area.

Let's explore how vinyl fencing might be the perfect solution for your situation.

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Examples of Our Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Vinyl Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Vinyl Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Vinyl Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Vinyl Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
Vinyl Fence Project | Ocala Florida Fence Company
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Vinyl fences are a great choice for Florida homes and businesses. Vinyl fencing is particularly impressive in its strength and durability - offering a lifetime of maintenance-free privacy and beauty.

Vinyl fencing won't fade or rust or rot and they require essentially no maintenance other than a rinse with a hose to remove loose dirt and debris from time to time.

We use Homeland Vinyl Products. Homeland Vinyl Products are manufactured to the specs of a Pro Market. The durability of their products are tested to ensure they will stand the test of time, with thicker walls, and a balanced formulation to ensure impact resistance that includes Accu-Shield added to the protective outer layer.

To reduce the bowing effect of sunlight on the pickets. The bowing effect is caused by heat buildup, which causes thermal expansion of the product. The mid-rail will reduce the bowing effect by shortening the pickets and providing another support for the fence panel.

Yes. A standard privacy fence can tilt or “rack” about 4” over an 8-foot span. Greater racking can be achieved by trimming the ends of the T & G boards at an appropriate angle.

Yes. We recommend that an approximate ½" gap be left between the top of the T & G board and the upper rail pocket to allow for thermal expansion of the T & G boards and rack-ability of the system on mild slopes.

Like all materials, vinyl expands and contracts with changes in temperature. An 8' span fence rail may change up to a quarter-inch in size over an 80 degree temperature range. We account for slight changes in length when installing the system. We make sure rail ends have adequate clearance of each other inside the fence posts and place notches in the rail ends with enough leeway for contraction.

Yes, all of their fences contain titanium dioxide as a UV inhibitor. The pigments used in our colored products also contain UV protectants.

Our posts are set 28 - 30 inches deep, and we use 2 to 3 80 lbs. of concrete per post.

For vinyl fences 6 foot tall (or less) in Ocala, Florida, you won't need a building permit. If your fence design needs a building permit, we will handle everything - at no extra charge.

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