Deciding on the number and type of gates for a residential fence is an important consideration, as gates provide access to and from your property, as well as security for your home. There are several factors to consider when choosing the number and type of gates for your fence, and as a leading Ocala, Florida fence company, Getter Done Pro understands the importance of fully planning your project, so we’re here to help you choose the right gates for your next Ocala, Florida residential fence project. 

Fence Gates From an Ocala, Florida Fence Company

The first thing to consider is what type of fence material you will use on your property. Once you have made this decision, you can then choose the accompanying gate to your fence. The way to achieve a seamless look is to find a gate that complements your fence well.


As a leading Ocala, Florida fence company, Getter Done Fence Pro offers chain link fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, and aluminum fences. Browse these links to see exactly what we have to offer, and check out our photo gallery while you’re on our website to see some of our finished projects. 

Here is a sampling of the types of gates you’ll want to consider. 

Single/Standard Gates

A single-door gate generally is the same height as the fence. Containing one swinging door, it can be customized in a variety of ways from arched tops to latticework, a single gate is only wide enough for one person to walk through at a time. To keep the gate from sagging, twisting, or warping it should be reinforced. Special care to place the latch system correctly should also be taken. 

Double Gates

While a standard gate is suitable for foot traffic and places that people need to be able to walk through, it will not work well to provide access for lawn maintenance equipment, recreational vehicles, or other large items. For access that accommodates these types of vehicles, a double gate is the best option. 

Drive Gates

A residential driveway gate provides protection and controlled access to your home. These gates are available in a variety of styles and can create an attractive focal point for your property. Commercial drive gates provide security for company property, assets, and employees. Contact our fence team to see if an automatic gate opener may be an option for your property. 

Pool Gates

Many towns and cities have existing pool codes that must be followed. The fence installers at Getter Done Fence Pro will ensure that your fence and gate meet the existing codes for your area. We can help you find a gate that is both attractive and functional.  

Consider the Size Of Your Property and Fence Location 

If you have a smaller property, one single-wide gate may be perfect for your needs. If your yard is larger, you should install two or more gates with different access points. You may also need a gate if your fence shares a boundary line with a neighbor or runs along the back edge of your yard. This extra access point can be convenient, especially if you have kids that like to play ball in the yard and lose one over the fence. 

Considerations for Residential and Commercial Properties

The number and size of gates you will need are dependent on the type of property you have. An Ocala, Florida residential fence will probably need access for lawn care equipment or recreational vehicles. If you are fencing the entire property, you may need a driveway gate as well.


If you are considering a driveway gate, make sure it provides easy access for you and your family. A security gate should be accessible for you and your family, but should also prevent unwelcome people from entering when you’re not around. A dual-opening gate may be a good choice for this type of security. 


Commercial property owners have different considerations to make when they are choosing the gates for their property. Think about what areas of your business need to be protected. Is it a warehouse that should be separated from the main parking area? Do you need separate access points for deliveries and shipments as opposed to customers or employees? Are there areas that are open to the public and some that are employee-only? Thinking about these things while planning your fence will enable you to make decisions that are most beneficial to your company. 

Getter Done Fence Pro Has Solutions For Your Fence and Gate Needs

Our expert team at Getter Done Fence Pro can help you choose the best gate for your project. Fence gates provide easy access to your property, whether you choose a durable chain link fence, classy aluminum fence, attractive vinyl fence, or classic wood fence. With extensive experience, we are here to assist you from the planning stages of your project through the installation. Call us at (352) 789-4314 or contact us online for help with your next project!