A poorly maintained, deteriorating fence can certainly detract from the curb appeal of any home or business. In addition to being an eyesore, the decreased functionality and the increased liability of an unsafe fence are things that any property owner should pay close attention to. Over time, it’s natural for certain types of fences to begin to fail. As a reputable fence installer in Ocala, Florida, we are sharing some tips for determining whether or not it’s time to plan for a new fence. 

3 Signs It Might Be Time to Replace Your Ocala, Florida Fence

Not all older fences need to be replaced. In fact, in many cases, they can be repaired. However, there will come a time when repairs are simply not worth it anymore. Although it is not always an easy choice, it is beneficial to take the time to plan for a new fence so you are ready when the time comes. Read on to learn about the top three signs that it might be time to call your favorite fence installer in Ocala, Florida, Getter Done Fence, to come and replace your fence.

Structural Damage in Your Fence

If you have a wood or vinyl fence with solid pickets and can see through the panels, at the very least, your fence needs repair. If only one or two of the panels or boards have holes or damage, replacing just those boards might be a good option. However, if the damage is more widespread and you have multiple holes throughout your fence, this may be a sign of more severe damage and loss of structural integrity. For example, this can happen with an Ocala, Florida, decorative fence. If multiple pickets become damaged or broken, then replacing the fence rather than trying to repair it would make more sense.


UV rays from the sun can degrade your wood fence over time, leading to fading, cracking, and splitting. Too much moisture can also cause a fence to deteriorate through rot and mold. If you notice areas of your fence that are splitting, rotting, and wearing away, you will probably need a replacement fence soon. 


Other types of fences, including chain link and vinyl, can also experience structural damage. A cracked vinyl fence could be repaired by replacing the affected panel, but if multiple panels are damaged, it might be best to replace the fence completely. Chain link fences are very strong, but it is possible for them to become damaged. If you decide not to repair your fence and are interested in a fresh, new look, like going from a chain link fence to a beautiful Ocala, Florida decorative fence, for example, you can explore different residential fencing styles on our website. Not only do we have all types of fences for every need, but we can also remove your old fence before installing your new one!

Rust or Discoloration on Your Fencing

Most modern fences are coated with special materials to ensure they don’t become discolored or develop rust. However, older chain link fences that were made before being coated with a rust-resistant, galvanized material can deteriorate and become rusty. A rusty fence can be dangerous if someone gets cut on it because of the risk of tetanus, so you want to make sure to either repair or replace a rusty fence as soon as possible. Many fencing options will not rust, including modern PVC-coated chain link fencing, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and wood fencing.  

Your Fence is Leaning

If your fence begins to lean or warp, it might be time to install a new wood fence or consider switching to a different type, such as an Ocala, Florida decorative fence. Typically, when a fence is leaning, it has passed the point of repair. If a fence is leaning, it is normally due to broken, weak, or damaged posts. Posts hold the fence in place and are typically anchored into the ground by a no-dig method or with cement. If the ground shifts, the whole cement footing and the post it holds can shift. Usually, this cannot be repaired without considerable time and money. When a repair like this is necessary, the fence itself is usually also in trouble. 

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