Installing a fence can significantly bolster the security and safety of your home, family, and business property in Ocala, Florida, and the surrounding area. As a seasoned Ocala, Florida fence company, the team at Getter Done Fence Pros offers valuable guidance on selecting the perfect fence that will meet all of your security needs. 

7 Qualities of an Effective Ocala, Florida Security Fence

Striking a balance between property security and aesthetic charm may seem a little overwhelming. However, you don’t have to choose one over the other. As a seasoned Ocala, Florida fence company, our main priority is safety in security fencing, ensuring your peace of mind. Below, we outline seven qualities you should look for when selecting a security fence tailored to your unique needs.

#1 – Increased Height

One of the initial factors to consider is the height of your fence. Taller fences present a greater challenge for potential intruders to climb, deterring them from attempting to breach your property. However, it’s essential to understand the zoning laws in your area, as some jurisdictions limit fence heights to 6 feet. If permitted, opting for an 8-foot or higher fence enhances security, as the goal is to choose a barrier that is difficult to overcome. 


Just the presence of a fence can create the perception of increased security for your property. Even a small, decorative fence can give potential intruders pause, causing them to reconsider their intentions. Anything obstructing a burglar’s ability to enter and exit your property swiftly contributes to your safety. The more barriers you can establish to prevent burglars from easily removing items from your premises, the stronger your security measures become.

#2 – Create Good Visibility

When planning an Ocala, Florida security fence project, it’s vital to prioritize excellent visibility and a clear line of sight. Whenever feasible, select a fence design that permits clear visibility through it, enabling quick detection of any suspicious activity on the opposite side. Heightened visibility ensures that any attempted break-ins can be quickly detected, allowing you to alert authorities before a breach occurs. If a potential intruder manages to climb a fence with open rails, their presence will remain noticeable from the street, complicating their escape. As a professional Ocala, Florida fence company, the team at Getter Done Fence Pros can offer guidance on achieving this objective with your security fence design.

#3 – Reduce Hiding Places

For maximum effectiveness of your security fence, it’s advisable to keep the fence line clear of bushes, storage sheds, dog houses, playhouses, or any other structures in your yard. These items obstruct visibility and offer potential intruders additional hiding spots, undermining your security efforts. Aim to maintain your yard and fence line free from obstacles to ensure a clear, unobstructed view of the entire area.

#4 – Make It Difficult to Climb

To increase the effectiveness of your fence, choose a design with minimal horizontal rails, especially for chain-link fences. Choosing smaller holes in the chain link makes it harder to climb. Additionally, consider adding a deterrent to the fence’s top, such as spikes, points, razor wire, or another finish that is difficult to grasp, as a flat top can be scaled regardless of its height. Rely on an experienced Ocala, Florida fence company like Getter Done Fence Pros to recommend the most suitable options for your property.

#5 – Choose Strong Materials

While it is true that almost any fence can be breached given sufficient time, determination, and motivation, selecting a high-grade material is crucial when installing a security fence. Opting for the highest grade available, such as commercial-grade aluminum or chain link, will enhance strength compared to standard residential options. By choosing a stronger material to be installed by your Ocala, Florida, fence company, you increase the difficulty level for potential intruders, as the longer you can keep them out, the greater your chance of a safe resolution.

#6 – Add Additional Deterrents to Your Fence Top

Adding more security deterrents to the top of your fence will increase its effectiveness. As a leading Ocala, Florida fence company, we take pride in offering many solutions for different situations. Adding barbed wire to the top of your fence is one way to boost security. Be sure to check your local municipal codes to ensure that you can do this without penalty. If you choose vinyl or aluminum fencing, you may be able to pick spires for the fence top, which makes it harder to scale. 

#7 – Install Lighting and Security Cameras

In addition to the previously mentioned security measures, consider installing security lights and cameras. Strategically placed lighting significantly reduces the chances of potential intruders going unnoticed at night. Additionally, incorporating security cameras near your fence offers an extra layer of protection, further bolstering the overall security of your property.

More to Consider For Your Ocala, Florida Security Fence 

After reviewing these suggestions and determining which aspects to incorporate into your security fence design, the next step is selecting the appropriate material. We provide a range of options, including aluminum, wood, chain-link, and vinyl fences, which are available in various styles and features to fulfill your needs and preferences.

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