The best way to find some relief from the heat in Florida is the cool, sparkling water of your backyard pool. If you already have a pool or are planning to have one installed, then it’s important to know about the safety requirements of Florida pool fences and the additional benefits each type of fencing has. We’re here to help you sort through all the options.

Things to Consider for a Florida Pool Fence

The first step to choosing the perfect fence for your Ocala, FL swimming pool is determining your main goals and needs. Factors that enter into your decision for a fence include costs, style, level of security, and more. Let’s explore some of these main considerations that will help you decide what you need.

Types of Fence Materials for Ocala, FL

Selecting the right fence material can make all the difference between a fence that stands for decades and one that requires a lot of maintenance or needs to be replaced after a few years. Especially when you’re fencing in your swimming pool, the material can be affected by constant contact with pool water.  Add with the harsh Florida weather conditions and high humidity, your fence can weather at all different levels. For example, wood fences can age somewhat rapidly if around water extensively, while vinyl is unaffected by the moisture. Aluminum fences are great options around pools, but if privacy is your priority, it is not the right choice. Think about maintenance requirements, durability, longevity, and how well the fence will hold up in the hot Florida sun over the years. 

Fence Safety & Security across Florida

The safety and protection of your children is a top priority for you and a fence is one of the best ways to protect them from accidents. A proper pool fence in Ocala is one that will securely keep children and pets out of the area and one that will latch at a reasonable height to prevent a child from being able to open the gate. Always check with your local municipality to find out exactly what is required on their end, and then give our fence experts a call to find out all the best options we provide across pool properties in Florida. 

Fence Costs in Florida

The cost of getting a fence for your Ocala pool can range on a wide scale. Your pool fence is priced by things such as the size you need, the fence material you choose, and the amount of labor needed. You can get an instant estimate for multiple styles of fencing with our Instant Quote Tool to determine how close they are in price range and it may be enough to help you rule out the fences you don’t want. 

Florida’s Popular Swimming Pool Fence Ideas

The options for pool fencing in the Ocala, Florida area are seemingly endless! There are many materials, designs, and colors to sort through, but we’re here to help! Let’s explore a few of the top choices many pool owners make in Florida.


Aluminum Florida Pool Fences

Manufactured to look like the significantly more expensive wrought iron fence, aluminum fences are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to secure. It’s no wonder they are a popular choice in the Ocala, Florida area! Aluminum fences are available in various colors and designs and are built with open visibility. With their water-resistant, low-maintenance features, aluminum fences are a perfect choice for pool areas across Florida.

Vinyl Pool Fences in Florida

Vinyl fencing for pools works amazingly well, too! It’s almost completely weatherproof, requires virtually no maintenance, and looks brand new even after years of use. Vinyl material is resistant to moisture and can be built in full privacy designs or with a more open look. Being more affordable than aluminum in many cases, vinyl fencing is another great option for pool fencing in Florida.

Chain Link Fence Options for Ocala Pools

Pool fencing can also be crafted with the installation of chain link fencing. Florida properties that need a sturdy, economical option can benefit best from this material. Chain link is available in traditional galvanized steel, PVC coated versions which give your fence an upgraded look and more protection from the elements. As an economical choice, chain link fences have gained popularity in the area and are a practical option for a Florida pool fence. 

Wood Florida Pool Fence

Wood fencing may be the least likely choice as a pool fence, but can also look great and last a long time if well maintained. Susceptible to rot, warping, and fading, wood fencing does need a lot of TLC to stay looking brand new. Wood fencing for your pool may be right for you if you’d like to have a fence you can match to almost any style or color as it is the most versatile of the fence types. When installed by true fence professionals, it will last a long time and can be just what you need. The best way to know is to do a little research and then talk to our friendly staff who can give you the rundown based on our experiences in the Ocala, Florida area.

Getter Done Fence Pro Can Get You Pool Season Ready! 

When it’s time to install a new Florida pool fence in the Ocala region, look no further than Getter Done Fence Pro! We have the options that can suit any budget and fence project you need. Our expert installers can put the finishing touches on your pool fence and get you ready for season after season of swimming pool fun. 


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