If you’re considering installing or replacing a fence and want a beautiful, classic finished product, wood fencing is probably the best option for you. Well-built wood fences provide privacy, beauty, and added security to your property. Getter Done Fence Pro is a top Ocala, Florida fence company and we offer several wood fence designs. Everyone’s preferences and budgets differ, but we’re confident you’ll find something suitable for your fence project. In this article, we’ll share our top wood fence styles for your inspiration. 

Wood Styles for Your Ocala, Florida Residential Fence

While wood fences all have the same basic components and structure, the designs and styles can be quite different. Whether you desire a full privacy fence, a cute picket fence, or a unique horizontal fence, as a top Ocala, Florida fence company we have what you are looking for. Our wood fences are available in a variety of designs, so you are sure to find a fence that reflects your style. In addition to several options of fence styles, we offer customizable top finishes to give your fence a truly unique look. The following fences are some of the most popular styles we offer. 


Photo of wood picket fence in Ocala Florida

Picket Fences

If you’re looking for a friendly, welcoming look, you can’t go wrong with a picket fence. Picket fences are classic additions that add a touch of nostalgia and tradition to any property. Decorative yet functional, they provide a clear boundary around your yard.


Photo of horizonal wood fence in Ocala Florida

Horizontal Wood Fences

Horizontal wood fences have a trendy and modern look and are growing in popularity. The clean lines are attractive and sleek looking and will add personality to your property. This style offers full or partial privacy depending on your preference. 


Photo of wood stockade fence in Ocala Florida

Stockade Wood Fence

Stockade wood fence is another excellent Ocala, Florida residential fence style. Stockade fencing provides a full privacy fence by butting the edge of each picket against the next. Sometimes this style is referred to as side-by-side fencing. It can be installed horizontally or vertically with no overlapping. 


Wood Shadowbox fence style in Ocala Florida

Shadowbox Wood Fence

A shadowbox wood fence is perfect for those who need a “good neighbor” fence, as it looks identical on each side. The shadow effect is created by alternating pickets on both sides, with a gap in between. The gap allows for increased airflow through the pickets, making them extra durable in high winds. Although it looks solid from the front, when viewed from the side it is possible to see the other side. As such, it’s not a true full-privacy fence but is suitable as a semi-private fence. 


Photo of wood post and rail fence

Split-rail Wood Fence

Split-rail fences are rustic and classic and are perfect for adding an attractive boundary line around your property. This style of fence also works well for those looking to fence in large areas of land or looking to contain large livestock. Because there are large gaps between the rails, this style is not as suitable for containing smaller animals. 

We Only Use Quality Materials

As a trusted Ocala, Florida fence company, we only use quality materials. We use higher-quality Ground Contact pressure-treated pine and Cedar for our wood fences. Both perform better than untreated lumber and are denser, stronger, and more resistant to insects and rot. We use professional-grade pickets and fasteners, and additionally, unlike most of our competitors, we install a middle rail in our fences for added strength and durability. Adding a third rail prevents warping and bowing. We also follow all industry regulations and guidelines. For instance, our line posts are set with a full bag of concrete and our gate posts are set with two bags of concrete. This attention to detail and quality sets us apart from the competition as a top Ocala, Florida residential fence company. 

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