It’s time to choose a fence for your Ocala, Florida property, so before you make your decision, we’re here to help you understand which type of fencing material is best for your situation. With all of the factors to consider, it’s best to start with focusing on the pros and cons of wood fencing in Ocala, Florida.


It’s no surprise that Ocala, Florida’s most popular type of fencing is wood. Even that fact doesn’t mean that wood fencing is automatically YOUR best choice. We know that each situation is different. For some fencing tips, check out some expert suggestions that might help you make the best decision for your next fence.

Wood Fences and the Ocala, Florida Climate

While all fences have their pros and cons, wood fences will eventually fail and need to be replaced before most other fencing types. Considering the harsh Ocala, Florida climate, however, wood fences tend to stand up well in the weather.  Wood fences can be a great-looking option and stay in good condition for many years with just a little routine TLC.  


Next, the lower cost factor of most wood fences as compared to other fencing materials like aluminum fence and vinyl fence, gives wood fences a check on the “pros” side for many Ocala, Florida homeowners, and understandably so!

Are Wood Fences Strong?

Wood fences are very strong if … 


  1. The Wood Fence Posts Are Properly Installed
    Posts are a key element to every wood fence and correct installation makes all the difference in the strength it will have. Hiring the right fencing contractor in Ocala, Florida — like Getter Done Fence Pro — can make all the difference! We have the experience and training you can count on to install your wood fence posts the way they were meant to be, treated and sealed to perfection!
  2. High-Quality Wood Fencing Material is Used
    You get what you pay for! Many low-budget fence companies around Ocala, Florida use lower-quality wood, which is less dense or has many imperfections. Big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot often carry this lower grade of fencing wood. Fences made from this quality of wood will not stand up to the Ocala, Florida climate very well and will fail much more quickly. The professionals at Getter Done Fence Pro focus on a higher-grade quality when it comes to wood fencing and even hand-select the wooden pickets just for your individual Ocala job.
  3. Using Correct Fencing Hardware
    Using the proper exterior-grade hardware fasteners for fence pickets and rails is a necessity when installing a wood fence in Ocala. When some discount fence companies in the Ocala, Florida area try to save a few dollars by using inferior fasteners, the fence loses strength and long-term integrity. Be sure you choose a contractor who will not only do your job quickly, but do it well.


To answer the question, “Are wood fences strong enough to withstand the Ocala, Florida weather”… it depends!  If Getter Done Fence Pro was the local fence contractor you hired, then the answer is, absolutely, YES!  If not, we couldn’t tell you for sure what you are getting.

Ocala, Florida’s Most Popular Styles of Wood Fences 

Wood fences can be designed and cut into just about any shape and style.  Some of the most common styles of wood fencing in Ocala, Florida are:


Wood Picket Fence
Wood Picket Fence

Wood Picket Fences

Ocala, Florida is known to be popular with wood picket fences for front yard properties, gardens, and even pool enclosures.

*Always be sure to speak with one of our fence experts If you plan on using a wood picket fence around your pool to make sure it meets all local pool codes!


Shadowbox Wood Fence
Shadowbox Wood Fence

Shadowbox Wood Fences

One of our personal favorite wood fence style options for Ocala, Florida properties is this shadowbox style. The Shadowbox style wood fence provides privacy while looking great on both sides of the fence and creating a nice look of depth standard privacy fences lack.


Post and Rail Wood Fence
Post and Rail Wood Fence

Post and Rail Wood Fences

An inexpensive, popular solution for many Ocala, Florida property owners is the post and rail style. While traditionally used for livestock, this style of fencing is also an excellent choice for making a bold boundary line between properties.


Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fence
Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fence

Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

Tried and true in style, the traditional wood privacy fence typically has 3 horizontal rails that are visible to the homeowner while the more decorative side of the fence faces outward from the property. You’ll find versions and colors of this style fence on just about any street in the Ocala, Florida area.

Learn More About Wood Fences in Ocala, Florida 

To find out more, visit our Wood Fence page on our website for more information and photos of our installation work with wood fences in Ocala, Florida and the surrounding area.

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