If you’re thinking about having a new wood fence installed on your property then you’ll want to know more about the materials used to construct your fence, and how to maintain it in the years to come. Read on to learn exactly why experience, quality materials, and superior techniques of an Ocala Florida fence company like Getter Done Fence Pro will give you a well-built wood fence.

What Makes Our Wood Fences So Durable?

We want your wood fence to last so we make sure that we meet or exceed the industry guidelines for the installation of wood fences. Installation techniques are really important, but equally as vital is using the best materials. Here’s a look at why our fences are the strongest in Ocala.

We Use Superior Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is softwood lumber, typically southern yellow pine, that’s been chemically treated to resist rot, decay, and termites. Southern Yellow Pine is an excellent choice for fence projects because it’s dense, straight-grained, and easy to work with. While pressure-treated wood is a generalized term, there are two grades of pressure-treated wood and it makes all the difference on which one your Ocala, Florida fence company uses. Here are the differences between the two types:


“Above Ground” Pressure-Treated Wood

The type of pressure-treated lumber is used for fences or projects that will be installed 6” above ground level and will not be exposed to an area that will stay moist. The lumber has been treated lightly and will give some protection from rot and decay.

    • Can be used in applications that are easily maintained or replaced.
    • Can only be used in applications more than 6 inches from the ground. 
    • Can only be used when the wood has proper ventilation and drainage

“Ground Contact” Pressure-Treated Wood

This type of pressure-treated wood is the gold standard and far superior to “Above Ground” – and the variety we insist on using. “Ground Contact” pressure-treated lumber is used in applications that have direct contact with soil (either resting on or installed into the ground) and excess moisture (beyond normal rainfall and watering systems). It has a high chemical retention level and helps your fence last longer with better protection against rot and decay. Here are some reasons to use “Ground Contact” lumber for your fence:

    • You don’t expect good air circulation, especially on the underside and between decking boards.
    • Must be used when lumber is less than 6 inches from the ground or has poor ventilation.
    • Must be used for applications where wood is difficult to maintain or replace.
    • You are installing the lumber in a tropical climate


Any reputable and experienced Ocala, Florida fence company will insist on using the best quality lumber for your wood fence.  At Getter Done Fence Pro, we assure you that we will only use “Ground Contact” lumber for our customers so that you will get the most reliable and durable fence from us!

Protecting and Sealing Your Fence For Longevity

Now that you have your wood fence installed by a professional Ocala, Florida fence company like Getter Done Fence Pro, you’ll want to prolong the beauty of your investment. We recommend that you seal your fence by purchasing a penetrating sealant and applying it according to its directions or by hiring a contractor to apply it for you.  


Using a quality sealant like stain or paint will protect your fence for several years before you’ll need to reapply it. Quality stain products are available in clear and several transparent colors so you’ll be sure to find a color to match your aesthetic. If you decide to paint your fence, well, the sky’s the limit on color choice!

Do I Need a Permit For My Wood Fence?   

Generally, getting a permit to install your fence is not required for most projects in Ocala, Florida. Florida does not require permits for a fence 6ft tall or less in the backyard, or 4ft or less in the front yard. As fencing experts in Ocala, FL, and the surrounding area, we will consult with you about your specific fencing needs and guide you through the permitting process if you do happen to need a permit for your fence. 

Do You Offer a Warranty on Wood Fences?

When you purchase a fence from a reputable Ocala, Florida fence company, you expect superior quality products and expert installation. There are very few companies that offer a workmanship warranty for more than a year but we’re so confident in the expertise and dedication of our installers that we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty from our business.  


Should any issue arise down the road, we’ll be there to make it right. Getter Done Fence Pro will always warranty our workmanship for the lifetime of all of our fences. Many of the materials we use have their own manufacturer warranties as well. However, as wood is a natural material and will break down eventually, we do not offer a warranty on the wood material itself. We hand-pick each and every board that will be used in your fence so there is less warping and shrinking. Be sure to ask our friendly staff for additional information if you have questions about any of our products and processes.

Want to Use Wood for Your Fencing Project in the Ocala Area?

Now that you know that Getter Done Fence Pro uses only the best techniques and quality materials for our wood fences, you can be confident that your wood fence will be built to last! Our knowledgeable team of professionals is ready to answer your questions and get you started with planning your installation. You can also use our instant quote tool on our website as well for a fast, convenient quote and comparison.

Let us show you how important customer service is! Give us a call at (352) 789-4314 or contact us through our website today for the friendly, courteous service you can rely on!