With so many choices of fencing on the market, you’ll want to make sure you have a safe and sturdy barrier for your home or pool. Aluminum and vinyl fences are two of the most popular options, but how do you choose the right one for you? The pros at Getter Done Fence are proud to be a top-rated Ocala, Florida fence company and we can walk you through the differences between these two fence options. Read on to learn more!

Vinyl Fences vs. Aluminum Fences: The Basics 

Aluminum and Vinyl fences are durable fencing materials to use for an Ocala, Florida residential fence and can withstand Florida’s tough weather. Both are attractive and resilient styles, but each provides its own benefits and functionality, depending on your needs. Let’s examine the key distinctions between these two excellent styles of fencing. 


Ocala, Florida vinyl fences come in a variety of styles, including full-privacy designs composed of solid panels or picket fence styles. Usually, standing six feet tall, full-privacy vinyl fences can obstruct any views from outside your property. 


Constructed from evenly spaced pickets, aluminum fences create a secure and ornamental barrier with minimal privacy. Additionally, residential aluminum fences are typically 4’ tall but are available in taller styles if needed. 


If privacy is what you’re looking for, then a vinyl fence will certainly be your best option. Vinyl fencing can be installed in a variety of styles, from full-privacy to semi-privacy to open picket designs. A classic aluminum fence or a vinyl picket fence would be perfect for your case if you want to build a fence that doesn’t obstruct your view.


Aluminum and vinyl fences are both incredibly attractive Ocala, Florida residential fence options; between these two fence types, there is a fence that suits nearly every style. Vinyl fences and aluminum fences come in styles ranging from traditional to modern, making them perfect for Ocala homes and businesses. 


Various colors and styles of vinyl fences are available; the most common type is a white, full-privacy vinyl fence. They are made of vinyl rails and posts with vinyl pickets or whole panels positioned in between. Their design provides the fence with a contemporary look that is both endearing and visually beautiful. 


A durable powder coating is factory-applied to Ocala, Florida aluminum fences, giving them their distinctive, elegant appearance. In contrast to more dramatic or traditional designs, aluminum fences with flat-top rails often feature pickets and other decorative elements like finials.

Maintenance Requirements

Both aluminum and vinyl fences are known for their low-maintenance qualities and require less upkeep than other types of fencing. Vinyl is designed to withstand fading and deterioration in the sun and is inherently resistant to rot and insects. An Ocala, Florida aluminum fence is protected from rust and breaking down by a long-lasting powder coating. 


Giving your fence a moderate wash with a hose and a mild cleanser when necessary is generally all that a vinyl or aluminum fence needs to keep it looking brand new. In particular, following yard work, both aluminum and vinyl fences may need to be rinsed to remove dirt and plant debris. Both require little upkeep, so you save time and effort. 

What are the Best Uses for Ocala, FL Vinyl Fences and Aluminum Fences?

Dog Fences

A secure outside space is essential for our beloved companions to roam and enjoy! If you’re searching for a new dog fence, an expert Ocala, Florida fence company like Getter Done Fence will confidently recommend both vinyl and aluminum fences. 


To help keep your furry friends safe and clean, accidental pet messes are simple to clean up around aluminum and vinyl fences because they’re easy to clean. To further prevent tiny dogs or puppies from slipping between the bars, aluminum fences can also be customized with puppy pickets or metal pickets placed closely together along the bottom of the fence line. View our photo gallery for further inspiration if you’re considering installing a new fence for your animal companion.

Pool Fences

The ideal fencing materials for pool fences are vinyl and aluminum fences because they are waterproof! Aluminum and vinyl fencing can withstand the frequent splashes of water from a pool area and cannonballs, whereas other forms of fencing may rust or decay when exposed to water too often. 


Families with children will find that aluminum pool fences in Florida offer a safe and secure barrier that enables you to monitor the pool from the outside. However, a full-privacy vinyl fence will keep some noise from escaping, which makes it ideal for gatherings and entertainment. We’ve included additional inspiration for your new pool fence in Ocala, Florida on our Pinterest board!

Comparing Vinyl and Aluminum Fences: Insights from an Ocala, Florida Residential Fence Company

In conclusion, both aluminum and vinyl fences are excellent choices for an Ocala, Florida residential fence. The following additional details could influence your choice: 


Price: Although vinyl and aluminum fences cost more up-front than some other materials, they outlast certain fence materials and require less care over time.


Warranty: Many aluminum and vinyl fence materials have a comprehensive standard manufacturer warranty; however, reviewing the warranty information before deciding on a particular option is advisable.

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