In a time when DIY projects get a lot of attention on social media and TV, you might be thinking about putting up a new fence on your own instead of calling a professional fence contractor in Ocala, Florida. It might seem like a money-saving idea to load up a truck with fence panels and figure out how to dig post holes for your new home fence. However, doing it yourself could end up costing you more in the end, and not just in terms of money! Before you decide, keep reading to find out if doing your own fence installation is the right choice for you.

5 Compelling Reasons to NOT Install Your Fence Yourself

Are you thinking about building your own fence? Before you grab those tools, consider these 5 reasons why hiring a professional fencing contractor in Ocala, Florida, might be a smarter choice. Save yourself time, money, and energy by understanding the drawbacks of the DIY approach.

1. You Need the Right Approvals and Permits

A reliable Ocala, Florida fence company like Getter Done Fence will handle your project’s necessary approvals and permits, saving you the time it would take to learn about requirements and handle the process yourself if you choose to DIY. Besides government permits, certain homeowners associations (HOAs) may require separate approval. Depending on your location, an HOA might even mandate residents to work with a professional Ocala, Florida, fencing contractor for fence installations in the community.

2. You Want a Warranty

A well-installed and maintained fence can last for many years. Suppose any issues arise after Getter Done Fence completes your project. In that case, you benefit from our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty, varying from lifetime coverage for aluminum to 30 years for vinyl. Dealing with problems with your DIY fence over time means you’re on your own. The assurance of a warranty from an Ocala, Florida, fence company like Getter Done Fence provides peace of mind.

3. A DIY Fence Takes a lot of Effort

Putting up a fence is tougher than it seems. While there are tools to help with digging post holes, it’s a strenuous task, especially depending on your property’s soil type. The post holes need careful placement, specific depth, and filling with concrete – another labor-intensive job. Most yards aren’t perfectly level, and understanding how to handle grading and sloping can be challenging for the average homeowner despite watching countless DIY videos. A fence with poorly placed posts and leveling issues is more likely to malfunction sooner than one installed by a professional.

4. You Want to Collaborate with an Experienced Team

When it comes to elements like property lines, underground utility lines or pipes, and material choices, the expertise of an experienced, professional Ocala, Florida, fencing contractor is crucial. DIYing your fence project might lead to unforeseen problems that the knowledgeable team at Getter Done Fence can help you avoid, saving you from costly mistakes.

5. You Want a Fence that Will Last

Beyond the initial expenses, distinguishing between a professionally installed fence and a do-it-yourself project may not be noticeable immediately, but it becomes apparent over time. Collaborating with a professional Ocala, Florida fence company guarantees that your property will have a durable and attractive fence crafted from high-quality materials not directly available to consumers.


Whether you prefer aluminum, wood, vinyl, or chain link fencing, Getter Done Fence provides professional-grade, sturdy, and personalized styles you won’t find in major retail stores. Aside from the superior materials available through an Ocala, Florida, fence contractor, the quality of installation plays a vital role in determining your fence’s longevity. A DIY venture carries the risk of errors leading to leaning, collapsing, or other problems, demanding significant repairs and maintenance down the road.

Save Time and Get the Best Fence with an Ocala, Florida Fencing Contractor

At Getter Done Fence, we take pride in saving our customers precious time and effort by delivering outstanding service and customer support that eliminates the stress of a DIY fence project. We are confident that you’ll find relief in choosing our professional team instead of taking on the project yourself. 


However, if you decide to install your fence independently, Getter Done Fence can serve as your fence material supplier, directly offering you quality materials in various styles. While the upfront cost of a DIY fence may seem lower initially, partnering with us as your Ocala, Florida, fence company delivers long-lasting value that goes beyond the initial investment for years to come.

Bid Farewell to DIY and Contact Your Ocala, Florida Fence Company Now!

At Getter Done Fence, we’re here to address all your fencing requirements, sparing you from the do-it-yourself hassle. We’d be happy to demonstrate the benefits of selecting us as your Ocala, Florida fencing contractor. Our pride lies in delivering professional craftsmanship and top-notch materials, making us the superior choice over DIY and other local companies. Reach out to us at (352) 789-4314 or contact us through our website to connect with one of our knowledgeable team members today!